Wild Hogs sugar shack

Our Story


At Maple Milk Farm the cows are out to pasture but the maple trees have thrived. We are proud to continue our family tradition of producing high quality maple products from our farmland.

After a several year hiatus from sugaring, we began the stages of complete renovation of the old sugarhouse. Interviews to the National Geographic hit TV show Building Wild proved to be a success, and construction of our sugarhouse began on September 11, 2014. With our beloved friends, family, and talents of Building Wild, a new modernized sugarhouse was constructed in five days.

Our maple operation is unique in that our sugarhouse is located at the highest point on the property. All sap must be pumped uphill to the evaporator. Therefore we constructed a pump house with an eleven-stage pusher pump to do the job. We feel the extra expense and labor of that process is well worth the spectacular view that we have from the top!


Wild Hogs Sugar Shack


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